Ewen Allison MacDougall.

What do you say to sum up a mans life?

For most men,  we would write long paragraphs extolling their possessions and business accomplishments.  We would discuss his contributions to Medicine, or Law, or Governance.  

Our Father Loved the Lord!  He was a ‘Good and Faithful Servant”.
That is all we need say.

Ron sums it up best, shortly after moms phone call, speeding to moms side, and watching as they took his father away he wrote the folowing.

I want to take a little time to talk about a person, a great person, who LOVED JESUS CHRIST,
This man was 21 years old when he heard the story of how Jesus loved him and how he could bring wonderful transforming change to His life.
He heard how his sin from the past present and future could be washed away by the blood of Christ.
He got down on his knees and gave his life to Christ!
Some time after this, his wife Marie, a devote catholic realized and saw the change in her husband and wanted to know this Jesus Christ as he Lord and Saviour.  They both studied the Bible and began to understand the truths in it , and began to have a desire to share the Gospel with others.
This great man worked as a steel worker, a printer, and he owned a small service station in Armdale Nova Scotia  then.
He told the elders of a small church they went to (Fairview Bible Chapel) about their desire to share the gospel to the people in Africa.
These special people were very poor and had no means of raising the money to go,  so this man said if his God could supply the extra money needed for him to go help other missionaries he woud go.
Well my Father prayed that he was willing to go to the jungle with four kids and a wife who had no legs (Marie is a double amputee) if the Lord supplied the funds to go.
Well my father began to receive small checks to go towards the trip and strangely, these  checks came from folks all over the world, who he did not know, or had ever heard of.
My father was a great man of Faith and he prayed and trusted God for his every need and God never let him down.  He and his Wife have been beaten kidnaped assaulted stolen from, and many other terrible things they had to endure, but the both said to the Lord “we are in your hand and we trust you to watch over us!”
My father was my hero because he always put others ahead of him self.  I remember that my dad had met this very poor jewish man in Africa Kenya, the man needed  around 200 dollars in their currency and my dad was broke.  My dad went home sad because he had nothing to give this man, but to his surprise there was a letter form Europe to Dad, and in it was a check big enough to pay this Jewish guys medical bill and give some extra for food. Dad was broke but gave every cent!!!
I witness the kindness and sacrificial giving of my parents with no regard for tomorrow and the truly trusted in the Almighty Jehovah to take care of him and his family.
My father was my hero and my mentor and I know what I believe is true because I have seen the living proof of a loving heavenly father in action.
Today as I weep for my fathers passing early this morning.  I am so comforted that he is gone to be with his LORD and Saviour,  not because he did good, but because a long time ago he needed to have his Sin washed by the blood of HIS wonderful Saviour.  Now my Dad is with the one he Loved and adored.
My father and mother gave their lives to this work in Africa because of their love for their God and Saviour.
To die and not know where you are going to spend eternity is the worst mistake a human can make.
I had to write you, as when I saw my Dad dead,  I knew he was in heaven and I thought of you and my fathers strong desire to tell others of the wonderful gift of God!
I cry today because I miss him, not because I worry about his after life. But,  I find joy in the thought of him meeting his Saviour and Dad telling HIS wonderful Saviour thank you for loving me and for saving my rotten soul.
I must go now, as I weep at the loss of my  tremendous father,  who was the best hero, example, and friend!
~Ronald James MacDougall