Baba Yetu

Bwana MacDougall, Baba (father), and Babu(grandfather), what have you meant to me. The word that always comes to mind when I think of you Bud is FAITH. You took steps of Faith when the very people that should have been behind you pushing you and upholding you, were telling you that you shouldn’t do this or that. You showed me what real faith meant and how to take those steps, It was you who encouraged us and supported us when we were deciding to come back to Kenya. Your unconditional support and encouragement was one of the greatest signs of your love for us, for others, and ultimately fro God! You gave guidance and wisdom to me and were always supportive even when others were not. You knew what it was like to take a leap of FAITH. You encouraged me to step out in faith and watch God work!!

Words alone cannot share the impact you have had in our lives, in the lives of our children, and in the lives of so many other people on the continent of Africa.

Baba MacDougall, you loved Africa, you loved its people, you loved its real and unassuming life that happens at every corner and intersection. You loved the simplicity of its thinking and you carried a burden for her. You were burdened for the masses who wake each day not knowing a Savior and rejecting truth. You carried that burden for over 50 years and even to your death. Even these last few years when you wanted so badly to be in Africa but were not allowed for whatever reason, you still carried that burden. You are FREE from all of that now, you are free from the constraints of others and life itself. What a joy for you what a relief for you!! All those who you so greatly challenged and impacted now take that burden and carry on the work you started.

Mungu Asifiwe!! Mungu anajua vitu vyote!!
God be Praised! God knows all things!!

Tutoanana tena siku nyingine!
We will meet again another day!

You are loved and you are missed
Janet and Mike