Memories of My Grampie

I remember going to his print shop in Mombasa and him buying us Vimto sodas and drinking them with paper straws. I remember his tiny office and the smell of the printing presses that still bring back so many good times to my mind! I remember the ink stains on his shirts and how dedicated he was (and remained to the end) to spreading the Gospel through literature. I remember his brimmed hat that turned him into ‘Crocodile DunDougall’ and his pointed Italian boots clicking on the floor as he walked. It was always ‘my job’ to trim his thick eyebrows, and I loved to do it! I remember watching him eat tomatoes like they were apples and the insane way he would drive his car through the streets of Mombasa! I remember sitting on the bed in his room listening to his radio with him and how he loved to drink club soda. These are just some of so many memories!

He was a man who loved the Lord more than anything else in this world and has left behind a legacy of dedication and a life of unconditional service to his Saviour – an excellent example of a well-run race! We will miss you Grampie!

Here are some photos of Joe and Michelle Price and Buds great grandson Ben.