Africa Lament

Here is a poem I found, written by dad.
I think its great!
A message from Ewen
Warm greetings to all those who for many years have prayed for Africa.
Needless to say, that the task is far from done.
We must keep on till the end and many will be drawn to the Saviour.

African Lament

I wish you’d come Lord;
I’m tired of this wicked darkened world below;
It may sound selfish, Lord
I long to see the glorious morning glow.

I wish you’d come Lord;
Mothers, children, wasted bodies sitting on the dusty, filthy floor
Searching for a sprig of hope––
There’s nothing in the store.

I wish you’d come Lord
Old men with bended frames––eyes wide with fear!
No happy child upon the knee–– no word of cheer
Where are the valiant young men we knew before
––gone off to fight a never-ending war––they are no more.

I wish you’d come Lord
The Moon withholds her silver light, dark clouds of war in bloody flight––
Men’s hearts torn, with dread and fright.
Come Lord with Love and Mercy and with Might––
Save them from this awful, painful plight!

I wish you’d come Lord
Hark now! The sound from ore the great dividing seas
Men, women, boys and girls fare as they please;
No time to care––no will to share!

I wish you’d come Lord
Alas! I fear sometimes that I am one of these..
Oh Lord, I wish you’d come!
~E. MacDougall