This site was put together to share memories of our fathers life as a missionary in Africa. We have lost as many sides as we still have. Dad spent a long time scanning some in. He found it good to revisit the old days as he endured the winter in PEI. The titles and subject matter are his. He scanned them for us, his family, and to preserve the record of those days in some way. He lamented often having lost his best stuff to various people and organizations.

We hope it will tell a thousand stories and prompt questions about the mission field. Dad lived his life in service of his Lord! Thats is all he cared about. He felt he needed to be the one to go out there and help. His Faith, on occasion, faltered as a man, but his Savior never faltered in his promise. He would want to tell you to just go.

Many of the people pictured here did the same with their lives. We hope a few out there find a few memories in these old pictures. As we go we will try to build a compete list of names and images, but for now, happy hunting.

I have put allot of sides here. I have not begun to look at his digital archive yet.

Photos are obtainable for collections elsewhere, or for print. I have left the images unretouched. I like the images the way they are, showing the dust from many miles, but retouched and cleaned up and recoloured versions may be requested. The slides were scanned to large image formats.