Boarding school continued

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I woke up in the middle of the night having discovered I wet my bed. I was scared. what would they think. What would my room mate think. It was so dark and I was afraid to move. I laid there all night freezing from being wet. When morning came, the dorm parents came and woke everyone. What was I going to say? I think I just cried and the lady was kind and told me not to worry. I felt a little better but had to help change my bed after the mattress had dried. I learned to make hospital  corners with the sheets. our beds had to be perfect. Our rooms had to be clean and our shoes had to be polished. Why did I have to be here. I was only six. I missed my mom and dad. My brother and sister were in their own dorms in different grades and I would not see them too much.

I soon began to make friends and my roommate became my best friend. My friends were fun and rethy had lots to do. The school was surrounded by beautiful pastures and orchards with quavas, loquats, and there were gardens full of strawberries and more. I began to really like Rethy. It was so pretty and there were also many animals available for pets easily purchased from the Africans. I soon had pet guinea pigs and rabbits and my most favorite pet was a falcon. I would learn to set traps and catch mice in the black wattle forest. Every evening my falcon would come flying in and land on my shoulder and I would feed it then put it in its cage. These were the fun things.

When night would fall , we would repeat the devotions and listen to more threats of hell. I was so very scared and would again fear I would wet the bed. When the generators shut off and darkness set in, I would begin to rock again in my bed for hours until I fell asleep. Then with no control I would wet my bed and again re live the panic. I cried and prayed to God. Morning came again and this time the dorm parent was less patient. I was to take my sheets down and put them in the hamper and put my mattress out where all could see in the sunlight to dry.

I was so afraid that sometimes I would just stay alone on the swings and sing and cry. What would happen if this happened again.

I enjoyed the class room, the smell of fresh pencils, erasers and the smell of magic markers. My teacher was so nice. She would teach the bible using flannel graph and would read Jack the Giant killer by the fire place. She would hide chalk and we would sing the organ grinder man until the chalk was found. I loved looking through the encyclopedias pretending I could read. Finger painting was the most fun part of the day. We would also make picture frames with a piece of glass and electrical tape for the border.

I loved play time after school, climbing trees, eating fruit, dirt clog fights, chasing cows and looking after my pets.

The bell would ring and suppertime was okay sometimes. If there was something I didn;t like though, I would be forced to sit after everyone else had gone to finish my food. Often I would miss fun time after supper.

Night would soon come and once again I would be afraid. I wasn’t trying to wet the bed but it would soon be apparent that I would wet my bed almost every night. I would try to hide my sheets by sneaking down the hall in the middle of the night in pitch dark to the laundry cart and bury my sheets at the bottom. I would then turn my mattress over and get new sheets out of the cupboard. I would soon be caught and I would receive my first punishment. I would receive a beating with a stick on my rear and legs. It really hurt and I felt so helpless. I wished my Dad hadn’t left me here.

The beatings would worsen as I continued. I had nightmares too. No doubt the dorm parents were frustrated. I was moved to another dorm and this time not only did the beatings continue but now I had to wash my own sheets with bleach. To this day I hate the smell of bleach. I also peed my pants on occasion and was teased by some of the kids. I was so sad and home sick.

I still enjoyed my friends though and the fun times. We went on cool trips to see water falls, climb mountains, slide down the valleys on cardboard and old fridge doors.  If only things could get better. My legs were bruised and I was called a baby yet no one ever thought maybe there was a reason.

Not everyone was mean and I was rewarded when I made it through the night but it wasn’t very often as I could not control my self. I had no self esteem and often roamed off alone. No one could tease me when I was on top of a tree. Dad gave me a telescope and I loved it so much. I would sit up in a tree for hours looking over the valleys. I also loved dinky cars. We had the most amazing dinky land that we would carve out of the bank of the roads or driveways.

To be continued.